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Applied Metamaterials

Aims and Scope

Metamaterials can be generally defined as a class of "artificial" media, possessing extraordinary properties that cannot be found in Nature. The subject of metamaterials has drawn considerable attention and funding from both the physics and engineering communities worldwide and has evolved as a research subject in its own right. These enabling technologies will have a large impact on traditional fields of applications but also play a significant role in stimulating emerging fields.

The major objective of this journal is to provide an open access platform for multidisciplinary researchers to exchange information on metamaterials with a focus on high impact engineering applications. It also aims to stimulate new fields of metamaterials research beyond traditional topics and foster new innovation and transfer of knowledge with added value.

The scope includes, but is not limited to original research contributions, reviews in the following topics:

  • Physics of metamaterials
  • Experimental techniques for characterization of metamaterials
  • Analytical and numerical modelling of metamaterials
  • Homogenization of metamaterials and effective medium models
  • Planar metamaterials, meta-surfaces and meta-sheets
  • Nanomaterials including graphene
  • Nonlinear, tuneable and reconfigurable metamaterials
  • Active and lossless metamaterials
  • Chiral and bianisotropic composites
  • Metamaterials for quantum electronics
  • Quantum metamaterials and nanophotonics
  • Optical and Plasmonic metamaterials
  • Photonic crystals
  • RF and microwave metamaterials: design, properties, applications
  • Millimeter wave/THz metamaterials
  • General metamaterials for acoustic, mechanical and thermodynamic applications
  • Metamaterial absorbers
  • Metamaterials for nanoelectronics and nanoantennas
  • Bioengineering and medical applications of metamaterials
  • Integrated nanophotonics
  • Super resolution and near-field imaging
  • Transformation electromagnetics and optics
  • Micro- and nano-fabrication of metamaterials
  • Novel metamaterial concepts including cloaking
Yang Hao
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